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Redmi Note 11 launch live blog: Xiaomi's new cheap phone reveal as it happened

And maybe some other Xiaomi tech

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 launch
(Image: © Xiaomi)

We now know everything about the new Redmi Note 11 series, because following on from launches in China and India last year, the new line of cheap Xiaomi phones has been re-unveiled for global audiences.

These new mobiles have some tweaks over the Asian versions, but we also now know their price and release dates too, thanks to information provided at the event which concluded recently.

In total, four new phones were unveiled: the Note 11, Note 11S, Note 11 Pro and Note 11 Pro 5G, all with slightly different specs, particularly in the screen size, camera and processor departments. 

If you're interested in the new mobiles, you can follow our live blog of the launch below, including pre-launch pieces of information, all our thoughts and observations during the event, and important pieces of analysis afterward.

You can also watch the launch back yourself using the YouTube video below.


Welcome to our Redmi Note 11 live blog - if this is the only post you can see, it's because we've only just kicked off this page. Stay tuned for more very soon.

Redmi Note 11T 5G

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

You might be thinking “didn’t the Redmi Note 11 series already launch?” and you’d be right - sort-of. We saw the mobile phones debut in China, and you can find out everything you need to know about those versions of the phones here

However, when Redmi phones launch in different regions there are often slight changes, particularly in the processor, charging and camera departments. So the phones we see debut today could actually be different mobiles in a few ways.

The names will likely be the same though, so we’ll probably see a Redmi Note 11 and Note 11 Pro - perhaps there will also be a Redmi Note 11 5G or Note 11T based on the company’s past performance.

We’ve also seen the Redmi Note 11T, which launched in India last year. That was basically the same phone as the Chinese Note 11, but with a different name.

Redmi often releases T versions of its phones a little after launch, sometimes with tweaked specs to the original version, and sometimes as completely different mobiles.

Honestly, Redmi phone naming can be quite confusing, especially when you look at global markets where the same titles are used on different mobiles.

Xiaomi's robot dog named CyberDog

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Could we see more tech unveiled at the Redmi Note 11 launch today?

Well, if there’s more up Xiaomi’s sleeves, we haven’t heard about it. We sometimes see wearables or wireless headphones launched at this kind of event, and Redmi does make those kinds of devices. But so far, we haven’t heard anything.

Xiaomi is also prone to show off some random flashy smart home gadgets at its launches like air purifiers, smart TVs, streaming sticks and the like, but it mainly sells these products in Asia, so we’re not confident anything like that will show up.

We often see Xiaomi's CyberDog (pictured) show up at these events though, not to go on sale but just as a fun extra, so maybe the metal mutt will show up later too.

So expect just the Redmi phones, but if anything else appears we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Interested in what else is happening in smartphone news today, outside Xiaomi?

Well, it's been a very OnePlus-heavy day. Firstly, a rumor suggests a OnePlus 10 Ultra is on the way, which will arrive later in the year if it's actually real at all.

Secondly, we've heard more about the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G, which sounds like it could be launching very soon, maybe even February 11 according to this new leak.

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There's now an hour until the Redmi Note 11 launch kicks off.

A teaser on Twitter gives us some idea of what to expect, in somewhat broken English. It says "smooth every scroll" then "color every frame" then "immersed in every moment". 

Presumably, these things refer to the display, so we expect a high refresh rate, a wide color gamut and... well, we don't really know how to interpret the last phrase.

The slogan for this launch is 'Rise to the challenge' but this sounds like a motivational phase more than a tease for the phones - Chinese brands like picking out random catchphrases like this.

Xiaomi 12

(Image credit: Xiaomi )

It sounds like the first few months of 2022 could end up being very busy for Xiaomi. Kicking off the proceedings is the Redmi Note 11 launch, but we’re expecting a lot more in the coming months.

The company’s latest flagship, the Xiaomi 12, debuted in China in December last year alongside the Xiaomi 12 Pro. The company generally unveils its tech in its home country first, as this Redmi Note 11 launch shows, and we’re expecting the top-end phones to launch globally in February or March.

Black Shark, a gaming phone brand owned by Xiaomi, also tends to debut its yearly phone in the first few months of the year, so March or April could bring the Black Shark 5.

Finally, we haven’t heard much from the Poco sub brand recently, but it maintains a slow and steady stream of budget mobiles, so we could see the next of those coming soon too.

The Redmi Note 11 live stream has begun - sort-of. The placeholder saying 'X minutes until the live stream starts' has gone, and the video has a time counter on it now, which means it's technically begun.

However we're still just seeing text which says 'the event will start shortly' so it's not exactly exciting. Chat is popping off, though.

Half an hour left - better get your drink and snacks ready.

Judging by this Tweet, we might hear about MIUI updates today too. MIUI is Xiaomi's fork of Android, and it's the software the company's phones run. 

We've previously found MIUI to be quite buggy, and it's often full of bloatware too, especially on the budget Redmi phones. However we've heard that Xiaomi is looking to revitalize its divisive software, so maybe we'll hear about that today.

On the live stream, we're currently seeing a looping video that's just promotional video for older Xiaomi phones - but the event proper is due to kick off very soon.

Oh - the Redmi Note 10 trailers have stopped, and we're back to the old 'the event will start shortly'.

This time it's accompanied by a timer, counting down from 5 minutes.

Redmi Note 11 launch

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

And it's begun.

Like most tech launches, we're starting with the company just explaining how popular its phones are.

The presenter is explaining how popular Redmi phones are, giving an example of how the company talked to a fan who visited ten different stores to pick up the Redmi Note 10.

That doesn't exactly say good things about Xiaomi's global supply though...