Xbox One X gets 120Hz display mode in May system update

As PC gamers can attest to, getting a high refresh rate monitor can be just as transformative to your play time as a new high-spec computer. Offering smoother gameplay, it's easier on the eyes and makes for a more responsive play session. And now the Xbox One is getting in on the the act.

The following May update for the system will have an option in the Display & Sound > Video Output menu that will let you flip between a standard 60Hz and slick 120Hz display method. That's in addition to the 1440p resolution and variable refresh rate options that were added in the April update.

Now, as you'd expect, to take advantage of the update you're going to need a compatible display, and while there are plenty of monitors that offer support, it's much rarer to see it in televisions. That said, high-refresh rates for televisions are a key trend hitting newer models, making the Xbox One X nicely future-proofed.

Further new updates

It's one of many new features coming to the system. As of May, the Pins system (letting you arrange your homescreen favorites) will offer a new "Groups" option, letting you compile apps and games into easy-to-browse stacks.

Those who like to share their top gameplay moments will have a new option to trim clips directly from the Guide screen, making for quick on-the-fly edits before uploading them.

And the last significant addition is an improved family settings area, letting you take greater control over their kiddie's play time.

The update will roll out automatically, so keep your eyes on the notifications panel to see when it lands on your console.

Gerald Lynch

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