WIN! Three Humax HD-FOX T2 Freeview HD boxes worth £180 each!

Humax hd-fox t2 freeview HD
Free-to-air HD TV is coming to an aerial near you

Good news - Freeview HD is finally rolling out across the UK during the next few months!

To celebrate, TechRadar has teamed up with the set-top box experts at Humax to give away a Humax HD-FOX T2 Freeview HD box to three lucky winners in time for the HD switch-on!

High definition programming has, of course, been available from the likes of Sky and Freesat for a while.

Freeview HD has been a long time coming though - but the wait for free-to-air HD TV through standard TV aerials is nearly over.

By June 2010, around 50 per cent of UK homes will be able to enjoy Freeview HD. To check whether you can receive Freeview HD in your area use the Freeview HD coverage checker.

The one drawback, of course, is that current Freeview boxes will not be able to receive the HD channels. So while they'll still work with existing standard definition stations, you'll need a new HD box if you want to enjoy the HD content (BBC HD, ITV HD and Channel 4 HD at first, and Five HD coming soon).

The Humax HD-FOX T2 is one of those very boxes – the first, in fact, to hit the UK market.

It's not just a simple set-top box either. The powerful and lightweight unit comes packing some nifty features – not least an Ethernet port for connecting to the internet.

In the future, Humax will issue firmware upgrades to the T2 via this Ethernet port. And this will eventually enable you to access video-on-demand services like the BBC iPlayer.

A forthcoming firmware update will also turn the T2 into a PVR - you'll be able to plug in USB storage devices and not only play back digital video files and pictures, but also record TV programmes you don't want to miss.


And the winners are:

  • Tracey Timpson
  • James Thompson
  • Alex Cawley

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