The strange tech of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video

Taylor Swift

If you are a human being on the internet then you can't have failed to notice that Taylor Swift has released a video for the weakest song on her album.

We were expecting everyone and their aunt to be in it but were we expecting all this futuristic-if-this-was-the-90s Minority Report meets Tron style tech to be in it? No, we were not.

So here's a quick rundown of The Tech Of Bad Blood Because Look We Just Wanted To Be Involved, Ok?

1. Office computers


Probably running Vista.

2. Desk phone

Desk phone

Possibly some kind of VoIP set-up, we'll have to check with IT.

3. Machine like that one in Prometheus that always fixes you up


Even if you are dead from falling out of a window. This one also does your make up; must be the next model up.

4. Kendrick Lamar's computer table thing


Like a Microsoft Surface Table, it might seem like a good idea on paper, but where are you going to put your cup of tea?

5. Microphone


Not sure where this is being broadcast. Maybe directly into Taylor Swift's brain?

6. Whatever's going on here

Hair dryers


7. Compact mirror ninja stars

Ninja stars

Because, like, she's a girl?

8. A see-through car for some reason


Doesn't seem practical but comes with Tidal built-in.

9. This booth thing


It's full of snow later on so it must be some kind of training module.

10. High-tech boxing ring


Or maybe it's just beams of red light, hard to say.

11. Fancy motorcycle helmets


Where possible, make a U-turn.

12. Lightcycles


I guess now we know who the winning bidder was.

13. Google Glass v.83

Google Glass

Proof that it will literally never look good on anyone.

14. Smart Bazooka


Probably connected to Ellie Goulding's fridge and programmed to go off when she's out of milk.

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