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TechRadar Tip Off: 50% off Philips O'Neill Crash over-ear headphones

These headphones won't crash on you

Are you the type of person who really needs headphones that won't break if you chuck them around? Or would prefer to keep them out and about without having to worry if they'll snap in half?

If yes then today's TechRadar Tip Off is for you. Philips makes incredible high-end headphones but the O'Neill Crash set caught our eye.

For only 10 more hours, you can pick up a pair of Philips Crash over-ear headphones for $149.99 - which is 50% off its original price.

Take them everywhere

Philips Crash

Multiple uses

The Philips Crash headphones are meant to be taken everywhere - it's build makes this apparent.

Additionally, the in-line mic and remote control also make it super convenient if you're plugged into your phone for simple switches between calls and music.

They also have leather cushions that isolate sound but provide a comfy fit for hours of listening without pain. For even more comfort, you can make the headphones a bit wider so the cups don't rest under your chin.

The 40-millimeter neodymium drivers also boast a wide frequency response of 12 to 24,000 hertz to deliver crisp highs and deep lows.

Powerful sound and sturdy sound good to you? Good because you'll only have today for this 50% off deal on the Philps O'Neill Crash headphones.