Sony launches Personal 3D Viewer

Sony launches Personal 3D Viewer
Looks like science fiction, but sadly it's science fact

The Tron-esque 3D gaming headset Sony showed off at CES this year has turned out not to be an elaborate joke – because they've only gone and made the Sony HMZ-T1 official, with a press release and rugged model shots and everything.

Yes, you too can be as steely and serious about your personal 3D movie viewing as this chap, by picking up Sony's Personal 3D viewer which comes with two independent 0.7-inch HD OLED panels inside.

Sony 3d viewer

You can use this to watch 3D movies at a "real" viewing angle of 45 degrees that apparently simulates a 20m away 750-inch cinema screen, while each panel separately displays HD video so there's no cross-talk or blurring to speak of (according to Sony's release, at least).


It's not just about the visuals, however; Sony also has Virtualphones Technology which, you may have guessed, is essentially built in headphones that simulate 5.1 surround sound.

The general manager of home audio at Sony Europe, Anthony Koustelos, said (with an entirely straight face), "The clarity of sound and picture that the Personal 3D Viewer is able to deliver makes it just like a mini cinema – that's just for you."

You can check out video of all the best Sony products on show at IFA below:

And where does the content come from? The headset has a processor unit to connect to Blu-ray disc players, the PlayStation 3 and, we imagine, other mobile devices like the new Sony Tablet S and P, or Sony Ericsson Xperia handsets.

Not stylish

Unfortunately, we're yet to discover a UK release date or pricing for the headset, so you'll have to try and contain your excitement for the time being.

However, the technology giant will be showing the headset off at IFA 2011 this week, where we'll endeavour to bring you another heads on with the updated hardware.

Yes we're going to look like idiots again, just for you.

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