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New tool creates mobile sites from standard websites

New tool creates mobile sites from standard websites
Create a mobile site from your own website

Mobile technology startup bMobilized has launched a new service for businesses to turn their conventional website into a mobile-friendly site

The do-it-yourself tool automatically converts any website into a full-featured HTML5-enabled mobile site, optimised to any mobile device, OS or browser and in any of eight languages.

Using more than 300 proprietary algorithms, bMobilized's Automatic Content Identification (ACI) technology captures all of a website's text and graphics. It then converts them, in under 30 seconds, to fully functional and graphically identical elements, eg, menu, content, header, footer, articles, social tools, advertising, transactional, and more.

bMobilized standard templates can be quickly tweaked

bMobilized standard templates can be quickly tweaked

In addition, the new mobile site automatically syncs up any changes to the website eliminating the need to maintain two separate sites.

Customisable mobile features includ;

  • Menus: Edit, create or replace menus and submenus, or adjust menu colour schemes and designs.
  • Logo Adjustment: Create a unique mobile logo, colour scheme, or style sheet (CSS).
  • Headers/Footers: Customize mobile headers and footers. Simple customizations can be completed in just a few minutes.
  • Templates: Choose different layouts that fit your business needs
  • Contact Options: Click-To-Call, Click-To-Email, Click-To-SMS, Social Bars

Additionally bMobilized allows businesses to add further mobile features such as mobile analytics and e-commerce integration to their website and to add mobile marketing features such as Google AdWords, QR Codes, and in-app ads.

Prices are aimed at small businesses and start from just $5 (£3.23) per month