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Weebly website builder review

Build your own website, blog or web store in minutes

(Image: © Weebly)

Our Verdict

Weebly looks a little plain in some areas, and it could be easier to use, but we love the web store and there's more than enough power here to build some quality sites. Give it a try.


  • Great templates
  • Good ecommerce features
  • Great blogging tool


  • Limited editor
  • Not the best support

Weebly can help you build your website quickly with one of the best website builder platforms, and is an excellent tool for creating an online store. The App Centre has more than 200 widgets for enhancing and integrating your site with other services, and the integrated web store enables selling any combination of physical products, digital downloads, and services. 

Signing up for Weebly is easy – just provide your name, email address and password – and the company doesn't hassle you with welcome emails or confirmation links, or direct you to an account area. Instead it immediately kicks off the site creation process by asking you more about your requirements. The service has plenty of supporting features, too, covering marketing, SEO, social media and more. There are even custom iOS and Android apps to enable building, editing and managing sites from your mobile device.

Here's a snapshot of the plans and prices 

Here's a snapshot of the plans and prices  (Image credit: Weebly)

Plans and pricing

The great thing about Weebly is there’s a free plan you can try for an unlimited time. No credit card information is required, and you can always upgrade to a paid plan whenever your website needs more support. The free version comes with an SSL Certificate which is great - most web hosts will only include that extra security in the paid plans. Here’s a rundown of the key features and prices in the three common paid plans: 

Here’s the bonus about Weebly: all plans include ecommerce capability (even the free option) for an unlimited number of items.

The Personal plan costs $6.00 per month when billed annually. It includes your own domain name. Similar to the free version, there’s an option to add third-party embedded code to help track your site’s performance. 

The Professional plan costs $12.00 per month when charged annually and is a great option for small businesses looking to grow their SEO and reach of their website. This plan comes with unlimited storage space, advanced statistics, password protection, and no Weebly site advertisements.  

The Performance plan is the highest web hosting plan listed. It costs $26.00 per month when billed annually - quite the jump from the other plans. However, this plan comes with advanced SEO, priority customer support, and accepts payments through PayPal. If you’re looking to build a website that’s super powerful and does almost anything, then this is the plan for you. 

Browse Weebly's interface and easily find lists of features

Browse Weebly's interface and easily find lists of features (Image credit: Weebly)


Weebly's interface is well organized and its basic operations are similar to other website builders. A left-hand sidebar contains assorted objects and items you can drag-and-drop onto your pages. A top-level menu gives access to other website management features (Build, Pages, Theme, Store, Apps, Settings). Your site is displayed in the body of the page, and you're able to click on images, text and anything else to edit them or change their properties.

While the editor doesn't give you full control of where you place most components on a page, you still have lots of options. Browse Weebly’s website and you’ll find the lists of features pretty easily. There’s a blogging tool and the ecommerce on Weebly is better than most website builders. (Even the free version has ecommerce for unlimited items.) 

The ecommerce ability on Weebly is great

The ecommerce ability on Weebly is great (Image credit: Weebly)


Weebly has a few image editing tools, like cropping, applying one of 28 filters, do some basic adjustments (like brightness, saturation and contrast), add text to your image, and a “blur” feature. Other builders sometimes offer more, but there's plenty here to cover the basics.

The ecommerce capability of Weebly is one of the best features. The store has plenty of features. You can sell physical products, digital downloads or services. You're able to set up current and sale prices, assign a weight, mark something as tax-exempt, or define your own extremely configurable product options (you can set up dropdown lists, give multiple choices, allow color choices or text input).

There’s plenty you can do with the Weebly blogging component. Posts can include images, galleries, slideshows, maps, videos, documents, maybe custom embed codes for other content. You can even customize the sidebar with boxes for blog categories, archives, specific authors, or feed links (which are generated automatically). 

The blogging tool makes Weebly stand out

The blogging tool makes Weebly stand out (Image credit: Weebly)

The competition

Weebly’s blogging tool is more flexible than the competition - GoDaddy, WebStarts, and Webnode. You're not restricted to typing in a text box where you can add an image and a divider, for instance. You can use any of these components in any order, which can give the blog more of a social media feel, if you'd like it that way (a post could be just a single image, for instance). You can also schedule posts to publish at a later date, so you won’t have to worry about when the next blog will come out.  

Final thoughts

Even though Weebly's editor doesn't offer as many visual previews as some of the larger website builders, it still includes the basic tools you’ll need to make a professional website. The stylish templates get your site off to a good start, and there are plenty of features to help take the project further. Overall, this service needs to be on your shortlist. 

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