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Wix website builder review

Quick and easy website building from the industry leader

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(Image: © Wix)

Our Verdict

The lengthy feature list and smart editor make Wix a great website building choice, but the limited support might be an issue for big business sites.


  • Great editor
  • Good blogging tools
  • Comes with SSL Certificate
  • Powerful features


  • Lots of technical design options
  • Plans are expensive

Wix offers one of the best website builder software platforms around. With tons of staff worldwide, and millions and millions of users, it has all the features you need to build a professional site. Browse the Wix website and clues to this success appear right away. The service isn't just packed with appealing features, but the firm does its best to outperform everybody else, and there's plenty to appeal to everyone from the total design newbie to big business and experienced web developers. 

While some services give you only a few templates, for instance, Wix has more than 500. Its built-in image editor has 40 Instagram-style filters. The blog supports 26 languages. The App Market has more than 200 widgets for enhancing your site and integrating third-party sites and services. 

Here's a snapshot of the plans and prices

Here's a snapshot of the plans and prices (Image credit: Wix)

Plans and pricing 

You can test any of the Wix premium plans for free for up to 14 days. Then you’ll be able to cancel your subscription if you decide it’s not the right fit. Wix has four main plans to choose from, all of which provide access to hundreds of templates and your own custom domain. All plans come with an SSL Certificate and you won’t have any Wix ads on your site. 

The Combo plan is $14.00 per month and works great for professionals who want to share their portfolios or personal blogs with the world. This plan includes 3GB of storage space, up to 30 minutes of video space, and you can choose your own custom domain. 

The Unlimited plan is great for entrepreneurs or freelancers. At $18.00 per month, it includes $300.00 of an advertisement voucher, 10GB of storage, and up to one hour of video. You’ll also be able to use the Wix Site Booster App and Visitor Analytics App free for one year. 

The Pro plan costs $23.00 per month and is a great tool to build your online brand. You’ll have 20GB of storage, up to two hours of video, and access to all of the premium web design tools and editors. 

The VIP plan means you’ll be a first priority Wix customer. If you have questions or need help with anything, a Wix representative will answer your questions right away. This plan costs $39.00 and includes everything in the previous plans, plus 35GB of storage and five hours of video. 

Here's some of the templates available 

Here's some of the templates available  (Image credit: Wix)


The great thing about Wix’s interface is how easy it is to navigate. It offers a wide support for multimedia, with native components to display single images, slideshows, image galleries, music and video files in all the main formats. There's support for directly importing or playing media from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, YouTube, Spotify and more.

A "My Uploads" area enables building your own cloud-based media storage bin. If you've got 10 images you'll use on multiple pages or sites, for instance, you can upload all of them to Wix. You'll then be able to access them directly from the Add Images dialog without having to upload the files each time you need them.

Wix has great ecommerce capabilities 

Wix has great ecommerce capabilities  (Image credit: Wix)


Looking to build your own store? Wix has plenty of ecommerce templates to choose from. Another plus is that Wix won’t charge transaction fees on your sales (whereas Weebly, for example, charges 3% on some accounts).

Beginners can sample these benefits for free. But if you’ve built your own website before, you can go much further, with features like Wix Code - a tool that enables you to manage database collections, generate dynamic pages and custom forms, and use your own JavaScript. 

The in-depth features are great for personalizing your site. One downside is that the templates aren't responsive in the usual sense, although the effect is very similar (Wix can generate a separate mobile version of the site and use it when necessary). Some features, like “form building,” come with apps which require extra payments to get their full functionality. But even so, this is a powerful and comprehensive service with a lot to offer users at every level.

There's step-by-step instructions and an editing tool

There's step-by-step instructions and an editing tool (Image credit: Wix)

The competition

Wix has tons of competition - GoDaddy, WebStarts, and Webnode are just a few other website builders available. The biggest thing that makes Wix stand out is its lasting credibility and its editor. The Wix editor feels polished and professional, with both the visual cues that beginners need, and the shortcuts and workflow support that experienced users expect. We experienced one or two odd technical glitches – Google Chrome locking up with high CPU usage, forcing us to close the editor – but we couldn't clearly identify the cause, and overall Wix performed very well. We didn’t experience any glitches while using Safari on a Mac.

Final thoughts

Wix's attractive templates and excellent editor make it easy for even total design newbies to build a great-looking, powerful website. We're less convinced that Wix has the support services that big websites require, but the core features are so strong that you need to try it yourself. 

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