What can 4G do for business?

What 4G can do for business?
Businesses expect more productivity from 4G

New 4G network EE, has revealed the results of the world's first global study into 4G business benefits. The Business Benefits of 4G LTE survey looked at businesses in the US, Sweden, Japan, and Germany where 4G already exists and asked what changes 4G had made to their working life.

Over three quarters of US-based respondents (76%) agree 4G has helped their firms innovate and jump ahead of the competition.

More than eight out of 10 US businesses surveyed (86%) get more work done on the move with 4G, and two out of five businesses said sales teams can now get deals completed in the field, without having to come back to base.

Nearly half (47%) said 4G has saved their company money, with one small business based in Los Angeles saving £62,000 ($100,000) through hot-desking, cutting time wasted downloading and uploading, and slashing print costs by exchanging files between devices instead of printing.

How businesses expect to use 4G in the UK

The survey also asked businesses in the UK what they expected from 4G and their timescales for moving to 4G.

Of the UK businesses, almost three quarters (74%) of businesses intend to move to 4G within 12 months. With just over half (59%) expecting the move to 4G to help them increase productivity, while 38% expect it to boost employee well-being and motivation.

Additionally one in two expect to introduce 4G as a quick way of installing broadband into the business, and intend to use it as a way of setting up an internet connection quickly without having to wait for a fixed line to be installed.

Study author, Joseph Place from Arthur D. Little, said: "Businesses are using 4G LTE to bring a more fundamental level of mobility to their organisations. For example, 4G can be used to set up a fully-connected office almost anywhere, dramatically increasing agility and responsiveness. We also expect to see innovative 4G-specific products emerging, for instance in the mHealth arena."