One More Thing: Woz goes to the movies

One More Thing: Woz goes to the movies
There's no one who could recreate the magic of this man

Woz Woz EreSony has hired Steve 'The Wozinator' Wozniak to act as an advisor on its upcoming Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs: The Movie. So who will he be pitching to play him? We can't think of anyone. Woz is inimitable. He'll just have to play himself. [Gizmodo UK]

Cash injection – Nokia's sold at least one thing this year – its New York office which has gone to the exciting sounding Histogenetics for $12 million (around £7.5 million). Sounds like Histogenetics got it for a song, though – Nokia reportedly spent over $30 million reconstructing the offices in Scandinavian style. [IntoMobile]

Sexism of the day - If you're a woman and your chap (or female other half) has abandoned you in favour of Diablo III, you have two options. One: move to France, take a snap of yourself holding a copy of Diablo III and post it to French adult toy store Absoloo's Facebook wall. This will net you a free vibrator, thus solving all your problems. Two: get back in the kitchen and make him a pie. [Daily Mail]

Monmouth-mental – Once a small Roman fort, the Welsh town of Monmouth is going to be the world's first Wikipedia town. If you think that sounds like a dubious honour, you'd be right, as it means plastering the place in QR codes (related) which will call up the relevant Monmouthpedia pages. To be fair, the town-wide free Wi-Fi sounds ace. [Telegraph]


That's what makes you beau-ti-fuul - This year's iTunes Festival line-up has been announced with more than 60 artists playing over 30 consecutive nights at the Roundhouse in London. The headliners include Usher, Jack White, Norah Jones and – control yourselves – cheeky pop scamps One Direction. If you don't fancy hanging out with thousands of screaming One Direction fans, you can stream the concerts using the official iTunes Festival iOS app. But come on! ONE DIRECTION. Worth it. [iTunes Fest]

Siri sausage - We're pretty bored of these Siri phone gags, but we're contractually obliged to report that if you ask Siri what the least popular smartphone is, it'll answer, "The one you're holding" - i.e. your iPhone 4S. Okay, that's enough now guys. Step away from the voice-controlled personal assistant. [Cult of Mac]


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Durden - Over in Cannes, Mozilla has drafted in Edward Norton to announce the winners of its 2012 Firefox Flicks competition. The films are all about aspects of Firefox so they're all basically adverts for the browser, the European winner being Where the Weird Things Are Not which is about web security. It's nearly as thrilling as it sounds. [Firefox Flicks]

Ed Norton

Image credit: Firefox Flicks

Party time – The UK Pirate Party has had a huge boost by the recent Pirate Bay blocks – its UK site has gone from shivering in the cold outside the UK's top 100,000 sites in the UK to sitting pretty at 1,550th most popular. That's what hosting a proxy server for a blocked Pirate Bay and thousands of column inches will do for you. [Torrent Freak]

Sorcerer's stone - The PlayStation Network will now let you buy and download games ahead of their release date so that they're ready and raring to go as soon as they're released. The first game to get this fresh sorcery is, um, Sorcery. Sac magique. [Official PlayStation Magazine]

I Feel Love – We can't let a celebrity pass away without shoehorning them into OMT and Donna Summer is no exception. Since the disco diva's sad demise yesterday, Spotify plays of her songs have shot up by 3000%. [Spotify]

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