One more thing: today's other news

One more thing: today's other news
Tech news for Lilliputians

It's that time again for your daily dose of articles that we found on this sprawling thing called the internet and cobbled together in a list format that's both easy on the eye and gentle on the mind.

So, sit back, get ready to scroll and gawp in wonder at how the world of technology can be so bite-sized…

Assange does a Homer - Wikileaks boss Julian Assange is set to star in The Simpsons, with the spreader of the free word confirmed for the show's 500th episode. We would say 'expect hilarity', but The Simpsons stopped being funny at the turn of the millennium. Meeow. [BBC]

Apples aplenty - Apple has finally caught up with the silly demand of the iPhone 4S and is now stocking the handset on the Apple website. There goes our 'carve an S on the iPhone 4 and no one will notice' money making scheme. [Into Mobile]

Kids like portable porn - The internet has brought us many amazing things – Rick Rolling, Nyan cats, TechRadar – but it also has a rather naughty side and for some reason this is the side that kids like to look at on their mobile phones. A YouGov study found that 21 per cent of 8 to 15 year olds have accessed smut on a smartphone. [PC Advisor]

Smartphone shoppers - It's not just porn that's popular on phones but shopping too, with the UK top for smartphone shopping. That's shopping through a phone, not shopping for smartphones. Obviously. [MSN Tech&Gadgets]

Samsung still banned - a German court has upheld the ban of Samsung's older Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Samsung has retaliated by banning currywursts in its staff canteen. Allegedly. [Reuters]

Here's comes the sun - Netflix has announced that cult US comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be available to stream instantly on Netflix as of 1 February. If you haven't seen it and need swaying, it stars Danny DeVito and an Irish Bar. [press release]

always sunny

Skin for the win - New Scientist is reporting that skin laced with spider silk harvested from, er, goats can in fact stop a speeding bullet. We knew that Spider-Man was hard but not this hard. [New Scientist]

Pulp Vision - BT has announced a deal with Miramax that will see the studio's movies on the BT Vision platform. Miramax also signed up to Netflix some time ago but it is good to see BT still trying to keep its on-demand vision alive. [Deadline]

Social Network 2 - Facebook is desperate to show that there is an actual point to Facebook Timeline by showing how the service can be used to make your very own episode of This Is Your Life. [ZDnet]

Videogame kills pain - In one of the most fascinating features we have read on computer game technology, GQ has profiled Afghanistan veteran Sam Brown who was massively burned while on duty and how a 'painkilling videogame' was used as part of the treatment for his injuries. A must-read. [GQ]

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