One more thing: today's other news

One more thing: today's other news
We're going to destroy the internet

Today's round up of alternative tech news is brought to you by social networking faux-pas – from wannabe record breaking on Facebook to answering calls while in the privvy via a holiday ruined by Twitter jokes – and not even funny ones at that.

Do try and learn from others' mistakes - the last thing we'd want is for you to end up dropping your phone in the loo while feverishly commenting on Facebook about how you're planning to destroy America.

Frontierville fans in having too much time on their hands non-shocker – A group of Frontierville fans have banded together to pointlessly break the world record for number of pointless comments on a pointless Facebook post. 107 people posted 1,001,291 comments on one wall post: Guinness is yet to get back to them (not like us). [Fox40]

Siri explains it all – Not only can Siri rap with the best of them, it's now featured in an experimental Flaming Lips track, at first not understanding and then later understanding the sun, the moon and the stars. [Electronista]

Jobs' jobs – Steve Jobs told Google's Eric Schmidt to stop trying to poach Apple staff, according to an email from 2007 – a request that led to one Google employee being walked Spanish for approaching an Apple engineer. [Reuters]

Pink tech alert – what is Valentine's Day but an opportunity to flog as many pink gadgets as possible. Oh Nintendo, we thought better of you. The stand-alone pink 3DS is on sale 10 February if you're that kind of lover. [Slashgear]

Careful what you tweet for – Two hapless Brits were barred from entering the US after tweeting that they were going to "destroy America" as well as revealing their plans to go to LA "pissing people off on Hollywood Blvd and diggin' Marilyn Monroe up!" Federal staff apparently searched their suitcases "looking for spades" before locking the two tourists up for 12 hours then sending them home. Which just goes to show: no good can come of quoting Family Guy. [Daily Mail]

U2 manager seems pro-SOPA – Paul McGuinness, also known as U2's manager, has blasted Google for its anti-SOPA activity, saying "The fact that Google were able to turn their entire network into a lobbying device, a petition, does not mean every person who ticked the box understood the argument… It wasn't really a debate, it was a demonstration really." He then went on to slam the search engine for not doing more to discourage piracy. But then, he's not done much to discourage Bono and that's not really the lesser of the two evils, is it? [Musically]

Visualise this – MSN has created a pretty nifty internet thing in the form of MSN Visualizer. It takes a song and puts relevant(ish) Flickr photos to the lyrics as it plays. This month features a selection of tunes from Ninja Tune – it's well nice. [MSN]

MSN visualize

Toilet humour – We always knew Android users were a filthy lot – a greater percentage of Android users are likely to use their phones in the loo than BlackBerry or iPhone owners – although 'Berry addicts are more likely to actually answer a call from the bathroom. Gross. [11Mark]

That's one way to recycle – Recoup your losses by turning thousands of pounds worth of obsolete tech into a handy stool like Rodrigo Alonso has. But what if corded phones and floppy disk drives come back into vogue like record players have? Nightmare. [Dvice]


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