One More Thing: Lara Croft gets another human face

One More Thing: Lara Croft gets another human face
New Lara, new t-shirt

Tech Raider – Lara Croft has had another makeover, with Square Enix announcing that Camilla Luddington has been chosen to be the voice of the character and will also lend her body to the gaming cause too. Luddington is the first actress to be mo-capped for the role and the studio is said to be looking forward to giving Lara Croft a 'new direction' – which sounds a little rude when said out loud. [PR]

Frequent flyer – Czech engineers and bike enthusiasts are taking pedal power to new heights with a flying bike. Six propellers fitted to the front, rear and sides of the frame, and a set of Li-Pol accumulators to power it, make the vehicle sky-worthy. The bike can theoretically carry up to 170kg for an estimated flight of three to five minutes. Expect Boris to be eyeing this project up with glee. [FBike]

Black mark for Spotify – Music streaming app Spotify has finally arrived on BlackBerry's App World store months behind other operating systems. You'll need a premium subscription (£9.99/month) to stream its catalogue via mobile. The current release is compatible with the Bold 9780, Bold 9700, Curve 9300, Bold 9000 and Curve 8520 - however, the Torch 9800 is not compatible. The service has been available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia's orphaned Symbian for months. [Spotify]

Filthy shades of yayAmazon has announced that the big book of filth that is 50 Shades Of Grey is the biggest selling Kindle book of all time. Wonder if this has something to do with the fact that reading it on the Kindle means you don't look like your eyes are ingesting a load of erotic fiction on your commute? You heard it here first: the Kindle is the new brown paper bag for 'adult' fiction. [PR]

301 love – Ever wondered why a YouTube video stalls at 301 views when it's on the cusp of getting popular? Well, the answer my friends is lyin' in the code. [Gizmodo]

Check yourself before you Tek yourself – The producer of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada, has finally had enough of people moaning about the game's 'new' voice actors and has written a lovely piece on how haters should essentially shut up and grow up. Lovely stuff. [TwitLonger]

Wii-eally Wii-sonable – Nintendo's upcoming console, the Wii U, will have a very reasonable price. This is according to Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, who doesn't want to make the same mistake as with the 3DS. [Eurogamer]

You don't know Jack – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has inadvertently sent himself a copyright complaint, by way of his other company Square, Inc. You need to read it to believe it. Especially the bit that says: "We... were unable to communicate with a representative of Twitter regarding this matter". Brilliant. [Twitter]

Watch us wear the mic – When it comes to suits we prefer ours double breasted with a hint of a pinstripe but we are obviously not as awesome as the man who has created a suit made of mics, which make a god-awful sound when you walk into a room of speakers. Extreme feedback, indeed. [Guardian Music]

Fifa-tastic – If you want to bag yourself a load of Fifa goodies, then you will have to pre-order Fifa 2013 or buy it on 28 September. This is because there's a one-day-only deal happening that offers up £15 worth of goodies and a load of EA Sports club incentives. It's nearly enough to dry the tears from your England shirt. Nearly. [Eurogamer]