One More Thing: Electronic cigarette sparks off terror alert

One More Thing: Electronic cigarette sparks off terror alert
The biggest threat since the Axis of Evil?

Vapour ware – A coach on the M6 was evacuated this week, with 48 people on the bus taken off because of a terror alert. The alert was that someone on the bus was seen pouring liquid into a bag which then created some sort of fume. Eight fire engines and six police cars later and the source of the alert turned out to be the vapour of an electronic cigarette. Okay, so it's not exactly Speed 3 but the whole incident should remind you all that smoking is bad people – even when there's tech involved and the cigarette involved is actually a "health improvement aid for smokers". [Guardian]

All white on the night – The PlayStation 3 has been given a makeover and is now available in, drum roll please, white. The new-look console is available from Game and GameStation in 320GB flavour and costs £239.99.


Pi eater – With the little help of some modding, budget PC brand Rapberry Pi may well have found its niche. Some clever fella has taken the computer and modded it so that it plays Super Nintendo games. Basically he created an adapter for the circuit board, set up and emulator and now he has answered the age-old question: Who ate all the pies? Well, turns out it was Mario. [Trusted Reviews]

Face focus – British Airways is looking to Google to help it with identifying customers when they are in a crowd at an airport. A bit like Terminators sent from the future to seek out Sarah Connor, BA staff members are said to be using a "Know Me" system that will allow staff to identify people on their flight before they are, er, on the flight. [Telegraph]

Running man – Fantastic news, double amputee Oscar Pistorius will be taking part in the Olympics in not just the 4x 400 metre relay but the singles 400 metre too. Given that he wasn't allowed to compete in Beijing due to the fact he wears prosthetic limbs, it's great that he's in with a chance in London. [Engadget]

Bit by bit – Oh the irony. The Pirate Bay is blocked in the UK and Europe and lo and behold bit-torrenting increases in these territories. It's almost as if people who want to pirate content will pirate content regardless of the restrictions imposed. Crazy that. [SlashDot]

I haz freedom of internet rights – some of the biggest sites on the web are teaming up to make sure that SOPA and the like doesn't spoil this lovely thing we know as the web. A coalition has been formed by the likes of Free Press, Harvard's Kennedy School,, Reddit, and Ben Huh's Cheezburger network and they are looking to give web users a say on the Open Internet. Great stuff. [IT Pro Portal]

Look who's talking – A fantastic video has popped up which sees a man talking to his 12 year old self. No, there isn't time travel involved just an old VHS dusted off and the power of YouTube. Not bad for a clip that was 20 years in the making. [Gizmodo]

Google goes courting – YouTube has decided that the courts look like a nice place to have a picnic and have invited a MP3 conversion tool to share its sandwiches and maybe have a game of Frisbee. That is if Frisbee is code for being sued. [Digital Trends]

Mine of thrones – Some people with far too much time on their hands have recreated the mystical world of Game of Thrones' Westeros into block-building video game Minecraft. The results are, well, nothing less than brilliant. Ned Stark would be proud. [Kotaku]

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