One More Thing: Apple in the dock over knock-off clock

One More Thing: Apple in the dock over knock-off clock
Nah, they're completely different

You clocksApple's in trouble with the Swiss national rail company whose clock design it seems to have 'homaged' in the iOS 6 time-telling app. Slice of humble pie, anyone? [AP]

Quizzie Rascal – YouTube is testing a quizzical new feature. Currently in beta, the video site is allowing some users to create a custom quiz that is shown over their videos with multiple choice answers. The answer is usually C. [Gizmodo UK]

Psy-ched - The interpipes are leaking again. Gangnam Style, a track described as both "brilliant" and "amazing" by cubicly-coiffed man-about-TV Simon Cowell, is on track to hit number one in the UK charts this week. Better just embrace it: dress classy, dance cheesy and pretend you're riding an invisible horse. [BBC]

Googly woogly - Bing should totally sign DMX up to be its new spokesman. [BuzzFeed]

Fiver - We all knew the iPhone 5 was in high demand but this is ridiculous. Thieves working across Osaka in Japan took off with 191 iPhone 5s last night, but their light-fingered ways were put to shame by one shop worker in Wimbledon who nicked 252 of the things from Wimbledon's O2 shop. [TNW, ITV]

Kick out the jams – Kickstarter has decided that it is not a real shop and will tighten its grip on products being pitched through the service, making sure they actually work and aren't just part of someone's crazy imagination. *TechRadar slowly walks away, TechRadar Darth Vader Radar in hand, while gently weeping.* [Engadget]

Galaxy quest – American Airlines, an airline that's unsurprisingly based in America, has put in a request for 17,0000 Galaxy Notes for its flight attendants. The idea being that attendants will be able to have data on their customers and a handy stylus to poke anyone that's being that little bit annoying. [Cellular News]

Spy games – If you have used Facebook to spy on an ex, then you are a psycho… sorry, you may be risking psychological damage. Personally we like to balance things out by one day spying on an ex through the social network, then next day through their house window. Best of both worlds. [Telegraph]

Queue tip – How long is an iPhone 5 queue? Well, 83 per cent longer than an iPhone 4S queue apparently. It would have been longer but [insert witty iOS 6 maps joke here]. [Apple Insider]

Happy days – Forget geo-tagging your location, a new app wants to geo-tag your mood. This is done by a headset and a phone app. Looking at the headset, our mood would constantly be 'shame' if we were ever to wear it. [Engadget]

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