Mo Twitter, Mo Problems: Wimbledon probes Farah's Centre Court filming

Mo Twitter, Mo Problems: Wimbledon probes Farah's Centre Court filming
Only these guys are allowed to film on Centre Court, Mo

Olympic champion Mo Farah has reportedly fallen foul of Wimbledon organisers after tweeting video filmed from Centre Court's royal box on Wednesday.

The double London 2012 gold medalist made use of the new Instagram video feature to capture his day as a guest of honour at the All England Club, despite a strict ban on mobile usage while inside the courts.

The rules for visitors state "must be switched off in and around the courts in play" and now an official spokesperson said organisers are "looking into" the matter.

National hero Farah, tweeted he had "really enjoyed his day at Wimbledon" but has now deleted the offending video clips posted from the court itself.

Leave Mo alone!

The Guardian reports that action is unlikely to be taken against Farah (really? What are they going to do?), but the club will use the incident to make folks aware that filming won't be tolerated.

Before the tournament, Wimbledon's commerical director Mick Diamond said: "On the show courts, we have to respect players. We don't want people holding up iPads on Centre Court trying to take photographs.

"We also have to respect the rights of our broadcasters – they have exclusive rights on the pictures that come from here, and the content. We have to respect players and respect our live broadcasters, but at the same time give a digital experience around the grounds."

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