Meet Starship - the delivery robot that wants to carry your shopping for you

Meet Starship the delivery robot that wants to carry your shopping for you

If you thought Amazon's drone delivery scheme is too much of a pie-in-the-sky idea, then meet Starship - the delivery bot that's a whole lot more grounded.

Created by Skype co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, the Starship is an autonomous vehicle that wants to be the delivery device for 'last mile' journeys - those times when businesses need to get goods delivered in a close proximity but don't want to spend money on an extortionate courier.

The Starship was shown off at MWC 2016 and we would love to say that we saw it at work, but when we went to see the vehicle it was currently 'between battery charges'.

Starship's makers assured me, however, that when it is fully charged it will drive for a good two miles and trot along at around 4 miles an hour.


London is one of the cities where Starship is being trialed, so when you are next in Greenwich, keep an eye out for it in the confines of the Tube station.

Greenwich is a pretty apt place for trials, given it is also the area of London where self-driving cars are being tested.

As for space, the Starship will hold packages up to 18kg (40lbs) in size and there are nine cameras on board to make sure that it doesn't bump into anyone while it is traveling. Even if it does, it will be akin to getting attacked by a tourist's suitcase, and whoever has summoned Starship can track its progress on an app.


The makers of Starship are hoping that it will go into full production in 2017. When techradar asked what the reaction has been like when the public see Starship in motion, the reply was: "No one has wanted to kick it yet." Which is good to know.