Government asks for terrorist tech help

Biometric testing is outline in the government's new terror-fighting tech document
Biometric testing is outline in the government's new terror-fighting tech document

The government, cap in hand, is asking for help from all corners of the technology industry in the UK with its fight against terror.

This comes after it published its three-year Science and Technology Counter Terrorism Strategy document, which outlines just how science and tech can aid in stopping terrorist threats.

Actively inviting

The three main ideas that the strategy outlines are: understand the threat of future attacks; develop effective solutions to stop terrorism; work with our international partners to use science and technology to stop terrorism.

This includes such things as improving counter-terrorism, and harnessing technology that can fight terror – like biometrics.

"We need to match products and ideas to problems, which is why we are actively inviting people to join us and share expertise," said Security Minister Lord West about the new document.

"The UK is a leading innovator in the design and provision of defence and security solutions. British technology can have greater practical applications across the world and is just one more tool in our fight against those who would wish to do us harm."

If you feel as if you have some sort of tech knowledge that will help the UK sniff out the Bin Ladens of the world, then point your browser to the Home Office website, where you can read the document in full.

Marc Chacksfield

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