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Weird Tech: Bill Wyman changes history

This week's round-up of weird tech news kicks off with the rather unsavoury report that mobile internet use is thriving - in the toilet. Apparently more and more of us are hiding in the bathroom to go online when at work. Aside from that, we'd actually say it's been a fairly momentous week for humanity...

Invention of the year award

Step aside, Mr Grow-a-Head , there's a new stocking-filler in town. And this one's a little more permanent. Two engineers in London have invented a 'building in a bag' - a sack of concrete-saturated fabric . All you have to do is add water and inflate it with air, and hey presto! You have your very own building.

Unbelievably, the idea only picked up second prize in the annual Cement Association competition for new and innovative uses of concrete. Now, we're not structural engineers, but what could possibly have beaten a water-to-grow concrete building?

We're thinking it probably wasn't the USB Think Light , a delightful gadget that plugs into your USB port and gets brighter the faster you type. Hmm, not one for the office then.

Best accidental-benefit-to-humanity award

Now, we wouldn't call this one 'life-changing' as such. But if, like us, you've ever tried to contest a parking ticket, you'll appreciate Google's new street-level map view we reported on earlier this week. It allows you to investigate potential road-side parking spots by zooming into streets to read the parking signs and check for double yellows.

Also useful at the end of the day if you can't remember where you left your car (come on, we've all done it).

And finally...

Not content with making history, Bill Wyman seems intent on finding history as well. The Rolling Stones legend has launched a signature metal detector. Admittedly, it's not your standard piece of fan memorabilia, but we think it's got a certain charm. Check out the video ...