DSC Labs creates LED chart to reduce 3D headaches

3D - the headache may soon be over
3D - the headache may soon be over

DSC Labs has announced that it has come up with a device for 3D filmmakers that it believes will prevent consumers getting headaches from the footage.

Headaches are a common thing with 3D shooting – although they are far less prevalent with the new technology used, there are still some that get odd symptoms when watching 3D for prolonged periods.

This is why DSC Labs has created the 3D-Z – a camera test chart that helps videographers understand the intensity of the 3D they are shooting.

"3D viewing can be an exciting and pleasurable experience when cameras and projection systems are set up accurately. However, misaligned rigs could be responsible not only for contributing to health issues, but also for giving 3D a bad image," said DSC Labs President David Corley.

"While DSC's ChromaDuMonde and other charts enable precision alignment of colour, greyscale and resolution in the X/Y coordinates, the 3-DZ adds the missing third, or Z, dimension that is so vital in stereo imaging.

"We believe that setting up accurately with the 3-DZ at the start of each scene could save hours in reshoots and salvaging scenes in post."

The 3-DZ chart hooks on to a camera system and comprises five LED lights with adjustable brightness for daylight and studio settings

Pound of cure

Four of the LEDs are set around the corner of the system while one in the middle – brilliantly called The Schnoz – helps the camerman determine the 'Z' distance of the 3D.

"It could be the 'ounce of prevention' that provides a 'pound of cure'," said Corley about the device.

Headaches from 3D hit the news again recently, with reports that the Nintendo 3DS has been causing sore heads in some users.

Nintendo has equipped the 3DS with a slider for the 3D intensity that is meant to prevent things like headaches occurring.

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