Brekkie Bytes: The best news from Wednesday night

Apple is guilty
Is the price of ebooks really worth the money?

Oh dear. After years of discussion, a US judge has found tech giant Apple guilty of ebook price fixing. While other publishers all decided to settle out of court, Apple fought on and ultimately lost, being found guilty of conspiring to raise the price of ebooks.

Well, until Cupertino appeals the verdict, anyway, and tries to lay the blame at Amazon's doorstep.

It looks like Microsoft's Xbox woes are far from over, with reports the company is using its shift away from Microsoft Points to jack up games prices. That's probably not the best way to retain customers, Microsoft.

Microsoft is also looking to refresh its Surface lineup of tablets, despite the fact the Surface Pro only just went on sale in Australia. Say what you want about Apple, at least they know how to do a global hardware launch…

And for everyone hanging out for the new Motorola flagship phone, this new leaked image looks like there's going to be a whole family of Moto X handsets to choose from.

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