38 reservations for space hotel

Artists' impressions of the hotel and its space ship
Artists' impressions of the hotel and its space ship

Thirty-eight travellers have already made reservations for an ambitious space holiday resort project, at a cost of £3 million a trip.

The first flight of the Galactic Suite Project has been scheduled for 2012 and, for their millions, visitors get a four-day trip 300 miles into space, after following an18 week space travel training program on a Caribbean island which, the company's website reminds travellers, will "not only carry you through a briefed astronaut training process, it will be a very relaxing time in a tropical paradise island.

"Tourists come to the hotel with all the necessary items to stay, as if they were staying at the most extreme refuge on earth", explained the project's founder and director, Xavier Claramunt.

"This refuge will offer a mixed program of reflection and exercise to seize the unique physical conditions encountered in space".

Orbital trip

After a few weeks on the island, travellers will be sent into space on an orbital trip to the company's space resort, orbiting the earth at around 30,000 km/h, and completing 15 orbits per day – that's around the world in 90 minutes, seeing a sunrise every 45 minutes.

Visitors can also look forward to weightlessness, space sports, star gazing and "surreal sleeping arrangements".

Galactic Suite state that its "ultimate goal is to be the world's largest chain of space resorts, and to make space tourism accessible to the general public."