Withings is back with a new fitness tracker called the Steel HR Sport


The journey of Withings has been complicated over the past few years. After a brief tenure as Nokia Health the company is now back in the hands of its original owner, and it's debuting its official return with a new watch.

It's called the Withings Steel HR Sport, and it's similar to the series of the Nokia Steel products we've seen before with a watch like design that's packed full of extra features.

There's a small OLED screen at the top of a hybrid watch face that shows a variety of stats including your step count, heart rate and more as well as a miniature dial at the bottom showing your step count in an analogue form.

It comes with a heart-rate tracker, Connected GPS and sleep tracking tech as well. It's also capable of tracking over 30 workouts including running, cycling, yoga, volleyball and boxing.

The biggest upgrade here is the fact it can track your VO2 Max score, which is a way of tracking how well your hearth and muscles convert oxygen into energy when you're working out. 

It'll turn your score into something Withings has called a "Fitness Level assessment" that uses pace, heart rate and your personal data like age and weight to track your overall fitness.

Even sportier

Made of stainless steel, the 40mm watch comes with a black face or a white one as well as a variety of straps. You can get sporty straps in black or red with a perforated design as well as a leather look too.

It's water resistant up to 50 meters, so you can take this watch in the pool or shower without breaking it.

When it comes to battery, Withings says the watch will be able to last for 25 days from a single charge and it'll also be able to handle another 20 days when it goes into a power reserve mode after that.

It's on sale now from Withings and a variety of other retailers where it'll cost $195.95 / £189.95 (about AU$350), although we don't currently know when it'll be ready to be delivered.