Windows 11 is coming to many more PCs from today

Windows 11 File Explorer on a PC in an office
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Windows 11 is set to increase the speed of its rollout, meaning that as of now, more Windows 10 users will be offered the chance to upgrade to Microsoft’s new take on its desktop OS.

Microsoft announced this in the blog post revealing the availability of the November 2021 Update for Windows 10 (while noting that the cadence of updates for the OS will match Windows 11 going forward, meaning one per year rather than two).

Later in the post, Microsoft said that “based on the positive rollout update experience and user feedback we have seen to date, we are advancing the pace of the rollout faster than we previously anticipated, and are now making the Windows 11 upgrade more broadly available to eligible Windows 10 devices.”

Eligible devices are those which pass Microsoft’s check for compatibility, of course, and are running Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 Update) or better, with the September 14, 2021, cumulative security update (or later) applied.

Analysis: Windows 11 upgrade floodgates open – and results need to be watched carefully

Our second Windows PC is a Microsoft Surface Pro, and the last time we checked if Windows 11 was available – which was yesterday, as it happens – the OS was still marked as incoming, but not ready for the device. We just checked again now, and lo and behold, the Windows 11 update is now ready for the machine, so if you’re keenly awaiting the revamped operating system, it’s worth popping and checking under Windows Update now.

As the pace of the rollout is now accelerating, the chances of those who upgrade hitting issues will inevitably increase. And as to whether that pace is maintained, a lot will depend on how much of an uptick we get in hitches occurring, and moreover, the kind of problems (if any) that may rear their heads.

Microsoft knows this, of course, and observes in the above blog post that as the upgrade floodgates are opened more for Windows 11, it will continue to monitor user experiences and keep folks up to date on any known issues (and required fixes). Fingers crossed for a relatively smooth experience, naturally.

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