Windows 10’s update for late 2019 may not have any major new features

Image Credit: Microsoft

It seems that the next update to follow after the Windows 10 May 2019 Update – which after the May update will arrive in the second half of this year – could be a minor affair that makes little or no additions in terms of new features, and is pretty much just a service pack (fixes and refinements) for the previous update.

This is according to Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet, who posted a comment to that effect, following speculation which was going round that the 19H2 update (the one scheduled for the second half of 2019) is essentially non-existent.

As Softpedia spotted, WalkingCat (a prolific Microsoft leaker) first tweeted that the second update for this year doesn’t appear to exist, and Foley (a very solid Microsoft source) replied to that tweet as follows:

It would obviously seem very unlikely that Microsoft would even consider skipping an update when it has previously promised biannual upgrades for Windows 10. But what Foley is saying makes sense, and she further tweeted:

Nothing to it?

So, the reason we haven’t heard much about the 19H2 update is simply that there’s not going to be much to it, by all accounts. Of course, we can’t take this as the absolute truth, as ever with any sort of speculation.

But it’s clear that all we’ve been hearing about of late is how Microsoft is fine-tuning the imminent May 2019 Update, and the work going on with the 20H1 update which is due in around a year’s time. So the puzzle fits together in this respect, as it would seem there’s just nothing to say about 19H2.

This is going to be rather disappointing news for those who enjoy the regular dollop of new features that lands on the doorstep of Windows 10 twice per year. Still, look on the bright side: it’s at least a rollout that Microsoft is unlikely to get wrong.

Although to be fair to the software giant, it is apparently going to great lengths to ensure that the next May 2019 Update doesn’t end up anything like its problem-ridden predecessor.

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