Windows 10’s search tool gets a nifty improvement – and another more puzzling one

Windows 10
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Windows 10’s search panel is getting some fresh changes, including the ability to be more easily used across different types of devices, along with a visual tweak which may leave some folks scratching their heads.

As you’re doubtless aware, the search box in the Windows 10 taskbar expands to a larger panel when clicked on, but the layout of this panel may not be ideal for those working on, say, a tablet (as opposed to a desktop PC).

As Windows Latest spotted, Microsoft is reportedly now working on making this part of the desktop responsive, so the search panel will scale elements of the UI for portable device users, allowing them to see all the main functions of the panel without having to do any scrolling (such as the Bing screenshot search icon right at the bottom).

Image of the day

Another update for the search tool which is also now rolling out, according to Windows Latest, is the addition of the ‘Bing image of the day’ to the panel.

On the one hand, some folks might be of the opinion that this brings a little visual sparkle to the panel which can’t hurt. The image highlighted will replace the ‘Quick searches’ section of the interface, which offers a swift way to search for common topics such as the latest news or weather. Presumably this function doesn’t see much use considering it’s reportedly being ditched.

Even so, it’s certainly arguable that Bing’s images of the day won’t be of any use, and may even prove distracting for some folks – and that Microsoft could find something better, and more useful, to replace ‘Quick searches’ with.

It does seem rather a case of style over substance, and of course a good way to get in a quick plug for Bing which Windows 10 users will regularly see.

Other changes are coming to the search box as you may be aware, and that includes the introduction of dark mode (or dark theme as Microsoft calls it).

Although in recent times, much of the work around the search function in Windows 10 has been fixing various long-standing bugs which have been plaguing this part of the desktop.

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