Windows 10 continues to grow as users abandon Windows 7

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Windows 10 is continuing to make solid strides in terms of attracting new users away from Windows 7, according to two sets of commonly used statistics. These stats do slightly differ from one another, with one now putting the new OS in the lead, while the other indicates that it’s still lagging behind Windows 7.

Netmarketshare is the stat-crunching firm which still believes Windows 10 is behind, but in figures for July the operating system grew by an impressive 0.87%, reaching a total market share of 36.58%. That’s still behind Windows 7 on 41.23%, although the old OS shed 0.51% of its users, so the gap is certainly closing.

StatCounter has Windows 10 in the lead for July, with it managing to gain a solid 0.5% moving it up to 47.25%. Windows 7 went in the other direction, dropping 0.57% down to 39.06%. So going by this analytics firm, Windows 10 has a larger lead over the older OS, than the latter does over the former according to Netmarketshare.

Steady progress

Whichever way you dice it, both of these companies show Windows 10 is still making steady gains, and that’s a picture that seems likely to continue as more and more new PCs are sold which run the latest OS.

Also, Microsoft continues to add more features to Windows 10 which may make it more tempting. For example, those who use an Android smartphone may be enticed by the new Windows 10 app (which has just entered testing) that ties the handset and PC much closer together, pulling off tricks like giving you direct access on the desktop to the photos on your phone. And a lot of other nifty stuff besides.

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