Boba Fett might buy this life-saving wearable, but we wouldn't

Kingii - product when inflated

Kingii claims to be a smaller, more wearable piece of kit that could save your life in the water - at the price of looking a bit silly.

It straps on like a wristband and is powered by a CO2 cartridge (conveniently Kingii caution against using non-own-branded cartridges). It's a glorified, personal floatation device, designed for use in places like the sea, rivers, and lakes where you may be at risk from drowning - probably won't be much use in the bath though.

The wrist strap format should appeal to anyone who hates the idea of a fluorescent life jacket, however it doesn't look the most comfortable of straps and will no doubt give you a wicked tan line judging by the promo pictures on the Indigogo page.

The device has already surpassed the original funding requirement by over 600%, which shows there's certainly a thirst for this.

Kingii wrist strap

Just look at all the fun they're having! You can tell because it says so

That's all fine providing you can remember to wear it, have it all charged with a fresh canister, aren't unconscious when you fall into the water, and remember to press the button to activate it. If you do, it might just save your life.

And when you're not at the beach you can walk about pretending you're Boba Fett. This thing pays for itself.