Huawei's new fitness band can tranform into a Bluetooth headset

Huawei's next-gen Bluetooth headset-come-fitness band arrives
The Talkband B2 is here

Chinese firm Huawei arrived at MWC 2015 without a flagship product, but it's still got some interesting devices to shout about.

First up is the successor to the questionable Talkband B1 - the Huawei Talkband B2 - and it not only looks better, it's got more functionality too.

The device has been smartened up with a dust and water resistant metal body and 0.73-inch PMOLED touchscreen display.

It's more accurate thanks to a gyro and accelerometer packed inside and as well as counting your steps it'll also track your sleep and inform you of calories burned.

Huawei Talkband B2

The B2's party trick however is the ability to pop it out of its strap and stick it in your ear as a Bluetooth headset.

Huawei tells us it expects the Talkband B2 to arrive at sub £200 (under $300, AU$400) around September, with the silver and black versions sporting rubber straps and the fancier gold version a leather option.

Not done yet

The flagship Huawei Ascend P8 will launch this April, but for those on a tighter budget you may be tempted by the Y635 and Y360.

Huawei has ditched the "Ascend" brand name for its new entry level mobiles, with the Y360 the baby with a 4 -inch display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 2000mAh battery, 5MP and 2MP cameras, Android KitKat plus a microSD slot.

The Huawei Y635 offers up a more substance, including a 5-inch (still not HD) display, 1.2GHz quad-core chip, 1GB of RAM and the same storage, cameras, microSD slot and battery specs as the Y360.

It also has 4G connectivity, NFC and Android 5.0 Lollipop to its name meaning it's certainly not a lost cause.

Both handsets are expected to hit around Q3 of 2015, with the Y635 coming in around £100 (about $150, AU$200) and the Y360 likely to cost less than £100 (sub $150, AU$200).

And if that wasn't enough there's also the Huawei Talkband N1 - a set of Bluetooth ear buds which not only act as a standalone music player with 4GB of storage, but also includes a fitness tracker and the ability to answer calls.

Compatible with both iOS and Android and costing less than £200 (under $300, AU$400), keep an eye out for them in Q3.

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