Google Glass 2 may come in two models: with a screen and without

Google is currently developing new Google Glass 2 options, and one of them may end up without the glass part of the wearable.

The reportedly revamped Project Aura has three new Glass models being developed, and one of them will come without the little screen that Google Glass gets its name from, according to The Information.

Sources speaking to the publication say the glass-less Google Glass will be geared towards "sports" users, and will solely work on an audio basis.

And while that might have you thinking "why not just use headphones rather than something sitting on your face?" no further details about this screen-less Google Glass have been detailed. There's a chance we may not even be in for a glasses-like device at all.

The report also indicates one of the models will be geared towards the enterprise market, while all models still use bone conduction to help pick up audio, like the original Google Glass.

The report says Google may end up cutting the three new models down to just two before it relaunches the wearable.

Still, there has yet to be any official word from the search giant itself about Google Glass, so it might be best to take this with a grain of salt.