The 14 best Android Wear watch faces

Android Wear faces

One of the best features of Android Wear is the ability to quickly switch the style of your smartwatch by changing faces with a few swishes of the finger.

If you're using an Android Wear smartwatch with iOS, you only have access to a select few through the Android Wear app. Unfortunately, that means that most of these won't work on an iPhone.

On the other hand, Android users can download these to their phones right away and have the entire Google Play store to peruse for new watch faces. Plus every watch face listed here is free.

Here are the best-looking watch faces on the Google Play store. Of course, I made my selections based on taste, so a few of you will probably disagree. Feel free to pop in your suggestions in the comments below.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker watch face

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Fancy a stylish face on your Android Wear watch? Ted Baker has this official watch face that uses the brand's own prints and details to give your watch a more fashionable look that's different to anything else on the market.


Harajuku Kawaii watch face

After something a little more vibrant than the other Android Wear faces included so far? Go for the Harajuku Kawaii watch face from Japan. The design is a little much for some, but it comes with lots of color, pictures of sweets and strange animations to make your wrist look bright and beautiful.


Timr watch face

Timr is one of the first watch faces ready for Android Wear 2.0 and its Material Design look. The simplistic watch face offers a second countdown along the bottom in a different way to any other clock you'll ever buy too.


Liqui watch face

I enjoy having this one as my primary because it automatically pairs two nice-looking colors together depending on the time of day. It never looks quite the same. It's bold, yet readable.

Moods of Norway

Moods of Norway watch face

This watch face will change alongside the Norwegian holiday calendar, but it also offers up some beautiful design faces. Plus you can learn a little more about Norwegian culture while you do it.

Star Wars

Star Wars watch face

Choose the light or the dark with this officially licensed Star Wars watch face. It's not going to offer real fans of Star Wars much extra content, but it'll give you another little way to show off your Star Wars fandom.


Willow watch face

Willow allows you to have any photo you wish as the background image on your Android Wear watch. Whether it's a shot from your holiday, a photo of your kids or just a comic book character you love, Willow will let you make it your home screen and comes with a good looking font over the top too.


Mondrian watch face

Here's another good one. I have a feeling this watch face will be divisive. I enjoy that it's simple at its roots, but very different from the others in that it has a stained-glass look. Other than the watch hands, it isn't animated. But, it's so vibrant that it doesn't really need to be.


Bits watch face

Bits is another simple yet functional watch face. It has a basic design that offers up a variety of information including the weather, your step count, the calendar and, of course, the time. You can even switch these around to give you battery notifications, missed calls, emails, stocks or what time zone you're in.


Imgur Spiral watch face

This one suits your round watch better, but it comes with a simplistic and interesting design. Plus it will work on square Android Wear devices if you have one. This is sure to grab the attention of everyone around you when you tap it for the time.


Zodiac from ustwo watch face

Another basic watch face, but this one has a clever trick. Each of the hands are represented as dots, and they are connected to each other with a line, creating a dynamic triangle. It's a little tough to read at times, but it's so neat that I'm not really bothered by it.


InstaWeather watch face

Here's the simple InstaWeather watch face that includes a clean look at the conditions ahead wherever you are. It'll give you updates on what the weather will be like at six hour intervals to keep you up to date with the latest predictions and inform you whether you should take an umbrella.

Space and Time

Space and Time watch face

Here's the one to go for if you have kids who like the play around with your Android Watch when you're trying to do something else. It has a sweet little design that shows an animation moon and a rocket ship travelling around it. This is a different choice in a world full of boring professional watch faces.


Radial watch face

For those who want their Android Wear smartwatch to look more like an Apple Watch, this one's for you. Each watch hand is represented as a circular bar that grows in length as time passes by. It looks good, but there's a learning curve to learn how to glance at the bars quickly to get the time.

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