Want to watch Westworld and the latest Game of Thrones on Amazon? Now you can

Amazon Prime Video is the premiere service to subscribe to if you want to watch any pre-2010 HBO show – one of the service’s key selling points is that it has everything from True Blood to The Sopranos, The Wire to Rome. But if you want something a bit more recent, like Game of Thrones or Westworld, you’d have been out of luck before today.

The big change, though, is that Amazon has just announced its plan offer HBO and Cinemax streaming subscriptions to Amazon Prime subscribers. The services will cost $14.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively, and will offer both services’ entire library of shows.

Similarly to STARZ, Showtime, SeeSo, Comedy Central and other premium TV offerings, HBO and Cinemax are joining Amazon Channels, a series of supplemental subscriptions Amazon sells to compliment Prime Video.

And while we can appreciate that the addition of more options for cord cutters is almost always a good thing, the move is a slightly baffling one considering that many of these services already offer their own services for the same price. (No seriously, check out the price of an HBO Now subscription via its iOS app.)

That said, one minor convenience of going through Amazon is having one place with all your subscriptions instead of several separate locations. 

You can see all the channels as well as subscribe to HBO and Cinemax over at Amazon’s channel page.

Via Business Wire

Nick Pino

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