Xbox 360 Elite: It's our 5,000th review

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At we claim to be the most comprehensive source for technology reviews in the UK. And if you thought that was an empty claim, check out our review of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite.

Apart from giving you the low-down on this eagerly anticipated console (to be released on 24 August), it's also our 5,000th review.

Nowhere else will you find so many expert reviews covering such a wide range of technology products.

And because we deliver expert opinions from a variety of respected magazines on top of those from our own staff, you're normally not restricted to just the one opinion.

Headline products such as the Sony PlayStation 3 (four reviews) and Toshiba's HD-XE1 HD DVD player (five reviews) are given the kind of coverage that no other site offers.

In the weeks and months to come, you'll be able to read further opinions on the Xbox 360 Elite too, all from experts in the field.

No matter where your interest lies, you can rest assured that we'll be adding not only quantity but also quality to our reviews section in the following months. Our aim is to not just be the biggest, but also the best.