Toshiba: Blu-ray not the end of upscaling tech

Toshiba's upscaling tech, as found in its DVD players, is here to stay
Toshiba's upscaling tech, as found in its DVD players, is here to stay

Toshiba's adoption of the Blu-ray format will not mean that it is giving up its upscaling technology, according to the company.

Speaking to TechRadar, Olivier van Wynedaele of Toshiba said that while Blu-ray is a big part of the company's imaging plans, upscaling is to play a crucial role both now and in the future.

Improving quality

"Upscaling is an important technology for us," van Wynedaele explained.

"We have been working for a long time to improve the quality of DVDs and internet content. Both of these need to look good on an HD screen."

As for the future of the technology, we should expect some big things: "There may be 2k and 4k TVs coming to the market in the near future and the current high-definition format will need to be upscaled. So this is important technology for us."

Res+ Blu-ray players?

As for seeing the technology in Blu-ray players, while it seems an obvious step, van Wynedaele was reticent to confirm, saying: "At the beginning we found it easier to add upscaling into our DVD players, but now it is also in our TVs with Res+. I can't comment yet with the details of whether it will be in our Blu-ray players, however."

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