Binge-watch the entire Star Wars saga this long weekend, you will

Binge watch the entire Star Wars saga this long weekend you will

If you were planning on leaving the house this long weekend, possibly to visit relatives or engage in physical activity, forget that noise – Foxtel is launching a dedicated Star Wars 'pop-up' channel for subscribers of Foxtel Movies and Foxtel Platinum.

The Star Wars channel will let fans binge all seven live-action films in the cinematic saga, commencing on Friday, September 30 at 6.00am AEST and keeping you in a galaxy, far, far away until Monday, October 3.

Subscribers can simply tune in to Foxtel Movies channel 400, and then buckle in to watch every Star Wars film in HD (it's also a good way to bone up on the saga before the arrival of Rogue One).

This isn't the first time Foxtel has hosted a massive sci-fi marathon such as this – the Star Wars pop-up channel follows on from the success of the pay TV company's enormous Star Trek marathon that occurred back in July.

In addition to the pop-up channel, you'll also be able to watch the movies at your own leisure if you have an internet connected IQ set top box. So settle in, make sure you keep the popcorn flowing, and may the force be with you.