A fantastic night was had by all, and one particular reader went home even happier than most, after winning the $10,000 Beast PC. Congratulations, Douglas, it was quite clear on the night that you will love The Beast as it should be loved and it will bring you much happiness. A huge thank you from us to all the companies that happily included their most premium gear for this Beast build, and to Josh Collins and Alex Ciobanu for putting it together on the night.

Congrats, too, to Alex who also won the big Mod Squad comp on the night, amazing work by all entrants.

All who came were treated to up close and personal experiences with the latest tech goodness, and the people behind the gear. AMD put together killer Threadripper and Ryzen rigs and had a super cool VR experience going on. Asus brought the goods, with all the new monitors, motherboards and graphics cards you would ever want to drool over. Eset brought the Nerf weapons, and a very nice shooting gallery with heaps of cool prizes, which were won with intent.

PLE set up a campsite with a big tent to show off its exclusive new lighting rig that illuminates the walls around you in game colours. Review for that coming soon!

As always Cooler Master has the nicest keyboards and peripherals to have a good old feel of, while Samsung lit up the room with a display of its killer SSDs. We had the lovely Jamie from Qnap once again showing off all the unexpectedly cool things you can do with a NAS while Tom over at WD unveiled the newest SSDs to hit the market.

Amid all the nice extras Mwave brought along, we can’t help but fall in love with its extensive range of muticoloured keycaps. Review also coming soon!

But most of all thank you to everyone who came along. The best part of this job is meeting you and having a great chat. Our community spans all ages and there’s a lot of history and excitement in the room at Upgrade – all thanks to you.