Twitter to come up with much-needed 'anti-troll' feature

A screenshot of Twitter presentation
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Even as the social media platform is in the eye of storm over troll handles, Twitter is to come up with a feature that will allow users to  automatically block and mute abusive accounts.

It is tentatively calling it 'safety mode'.

This detail emerged during the company's virtual Analyst Day. During the presentation, one of the slides revealed that the feature will be a toggle in the new safety mode.

Once 'on', the feature will automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules, and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks.

It will automatically detect 'troll' accounts and limit how those accounts can engage with users' content for seven days.

Twitter said: "We are exploring smarter tools to proactively help keep people stay safe from unwanted interactions."

Will Twitter's auto-detection feature be effective?

Even without the safety feature on, below the auto-block toggle, users will also be able to review the accounts and replies Twitter's system has identified as being potentially harmful. Users can then block or not those handles as they deem fit. Basically, regular trolls will be spotted by Twitter's system and will be tagged as abuse. 

Twitter will block the trolls automatically when the 'Safety Mode' is active.

It remains to be seen as to whether Twitter's auto-detection functionality is efficient or not, given trolls and abusers have their own patented always, especially as concerted groups, to torment users.   

But it is good that Twitter is taking proactive steps to come down on abusers, as they have been running riot on the platform.

No word yet on the new feature's rollout

As of now, many Twitter users don't have much idea about how to reports abuse or harassment they face on platform. The system to 'report' trolls and harassers seem too mechanical and its efficacy is being questioned by users in India.

In the event, Twitter stepping in to stem the rot on its own.

But it is not clear when this feature will be unveiled for the users.

It may be recalled that in a bid to give users better control over their Tweet-conversations on the platform, Twitter has made its reply-limiting feature available to all users. Twitter users can decide on who gets to reply to their tweets.

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