TicWatch Pro’s new sleep tracking feature gives it an edge over the Apple Watch

TicWatch Pro
TicWatch Pro (Image credit: TechRadar)

The TicWatch Pro is an impressive – not to mention unusual – smartwatch, packing two screens and a long battery life, but it's just got even better with the addition of a new sleep tracking mode.

Delivered via an official app called TicSleep, the sleep tracking mode allows the TicWatch Pro (and only the TicWatch Pro, none of Mobvoi's other wearables) to automatically detect and track your sleep habits, including duration, sleep cycle, heart rate and sleep quality.

It also includes an alarm which can wake you up when you’re in a state of light sleep, and you can see an overview of your last seven days of sleep, along with historical data.

(Image credit: Mobvoi)

That gives the TicWatch Pro an edge over the Apple Watch 5 and most Wear OS watches, as they don’t include first-party sleep tracking. Many do, however, support third-party sleep tracking apps, and given that TicSleep is another app you’ll need to download anyway, it’s potentially not much different, though being made by the makers of the TicWatch Pro it’s likely to function well with the hardware.

The TicWatch Pro also seems like the ideal smartwatch for sleep tracking as it potentially has very long battery life – albeit only in the watch’s limited ‘Essential mode’. Long life is important since tracking your sleep means you won’t be able to put the watch on charge overnight.

We can’t comment on how well TicSleep works, but it’s available now, so if you have a TicWatch Pro you can give it a download and find out for yourself.

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