TicWatch Pro 4G finally lands in the UK, but it's limited to just Vodafone

TicWatch Pro 4G
(Image credit: Mobvoi)

The TicWatch Pro 4G was announced back in June this year and those in the US were able to use its mobile internet since August, but now the device has finally made its way to the UK.

It's one of the few Wear OS watches that comes with mobile internet compatibility, but it's currently limited to Vodafone in the UK. There's currently no word on whether it will soon be introduced to other networks.

Its 4G support means you'll be able to connect it up with an e-SIM that matches your phone number, and you'll then be able to use mobile internet as well as answering call on the move when away from your phone.

The TicWatch Pro 4G is slightly different to the original TicWatch Pro that we gave 4.5 stars to. This has a slightly slimmer bezel than the original watch, but the design is largely similar.

It also comes with a silicone watch strap that should be more suitable for those using the watch for running.

It comes with the same dual-display technology that can allow your smartwatch to last for up to a month from a single charge. Using it in this mode limits the functionality, but it means your smartwatch will last for a long amount of time.

One of our major criticisms of the original watch was that it didn't have any LTE functionality, so this 4G model fixes that and is likely to excite those looking for a top new running watch.

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