This may be another clear look at the Moto X 2017

(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola's Moto X line has been on break, but the name is far from retired. As it so happens, it appears the yet-unannounced phone might have made a brief cameo in a recent Motorola ad.

During a rap ode to Motorola's 44th company anniversary (weirder things have happened) a series of phones pop up at the beginning of the video, showing all the phone maker's different handset designs over the years.

Interestingly, one phone — shown around the 2-to-3-second mark — looks familiar, but not in the usual way. 

This particular headset, pictured above, appears to be a dead ringer for a recently leaked phone claiming to be this year's Moto X model, according to Phandroid.

While far from confirmation, the build of the leaked model and the one displayed in Motorola's bar-dropping ad are eerily similar if not identical, save for the color. 

Also worth noting — though there's admittedly a little projecting on our part here — is that a portion of the handset where the camera is in the ad appears blurred, possibly hiding the dual-camera setup that made for a standout feature of the leaked smartphone image. Again, that could just be us.

As always, healthy skepticism ought to be employed until further notice, should Motorola drop official details on the Moto X in the near future. In the meantime, at least we still have the Moto Mod-able, Daydream-ready Moto Z line.

Parker Wilhelm
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