The Moto X is coming back with a dual-lens camera

We didn’t get a new Moto X in 2016, with the company instead skipping straight to the Moto Z, but that doesn’t mean the name is dead - and leaked images suggest it could soon be reborn with the Moto X 2017.

Four images supposedly showing the phone were shared by Jerry Yin on Google+ and they include a dual-lens camera for the first time on a Motorola handset.

One of the images also reveals some specs, including a Snapdragon 625 chipset, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, marking this out as a distinctly mid-range phone, which makes sense given the Z range is Lenovo's (Motorola's owners) high-end Moto proposition.

Between G and Z

The specs are very similar to the Moto G5 Plus, but with its dual-lens camera and ‘X’ branding the Moto X 2017 is likely to slot in just above the G range.

Other details that we can make out from the images include a likely metal build, a flash for the front-facing camera and a home button – probably with a fingerprint scanner built in – below the screen.

What this leak doesn’t tell us is when the Moto X 2017 will launch, but the hardware looks almost finished so we may see it later this spring or summer.

There’s no word on price either, but we’d expect it will be slightly more expensive than the Moto G5 Plus, which starts at $229/£249 (around AU$300).

James Rogerson

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