This last-minute Google Pixel Fold teaser video shows off the phone in full

The Google Pixel Fold being used for a video call
The Google Pixel Fold (Image credit: Google)

We’re now just hours away from Google I/O 2023, but it seems Google can’t wait until the event itself to show off its most anticipated new product. Following on from a short Google Pixel Fold teaser video released last week, the company has now shared a lengthy advert featuring the phone.

This was shared by the official Google Pixel Twitter account (via Phone Arena), and the wording of the tweet suggests the link to the video itself might not have been meant to be included until after Google I/O - but either way, it’s out there now.

The video – which you can see below, assuming Google hasn’t taken it down – shows the Pixel Fold being used by various NBA stars, primarily for video calls, as well as taking and editing photos.

The experience looks very much like that of using a Google Pixel 7, just with a big, foldable screen. And while the bezels look as disappointingly large here as in other teasers and leaks, the device doesn’t look overly chunky even when folded shut.

You can see the Pixel Fold in both white and black shades here, and it’s joined in some shots by what looks to be the Google Pixel 7a.

Speaking of the Pixel 7a, that’s also appeared prominently in a new video advert, shared by the ever-reliable leaker @OnLeaks in collaboration with MediaPeanut.

This is a shorter video, but it shows the Pixel 7a from a range of angles, and highlights its ability to brighten up dark scenes in photos.

There’s not really much that we haven’t seen before in either of these videos, but both are official marketing material (albeit leaked in the case of the Pixel 7a advert), so there’s no doubt of their authenticity.

We should see plenty more official material soon, with Google I/O due to start at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST today (Wednesday, May 10), which works out as 3am AEST on May 11 for those in Australia. Our Google I/O 2023 live blog is already up and running, bringing you all the last-minute rumors ahead of the event, and all the big news once it kicks off.

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