This could be our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the wild

We’re only around a month from the February 20 launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, so we’d expect to start seeing photos of it - and we may have just seen the first one.

Shared on Reddit, the image shows a phone that’s seemingly a Galaxy S10 Plus in a case. While we can’t be certain that this really is Samsung’s plus-sized handset, the pill-shaped camera cut-out in the screen certainly suggests so.

There aren’t a huge amount of other details to be seen in the image. It’s low quality, only shows the front of the phone and, as mentioned, includes a case, although it does look like the bezels are tiny.

This looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Credit: Reddit

This looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Credit: Reddit

From images to information

As ever we’d take this with a pinch of salt, but another person in the thread has claimed to also have the handset, and says the image looks legitimate.

While they understandably weren’t prepared to post photos, they did share some details, saying that the phone seems lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but around the same size.

They also say they don’t notice the camera hole at all when using the S10 Plus, and claim that facial recognition is typically faster than the in-screen fingerprint scanner, especially as the latter can apparently be hard to find, as the interface doesn’t always guide you to the right spot.

Finally, they say the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus doesn’t have an iris scanner, which we’ve heard before.

As with the image, we’d wouldn’t take this information as fact, but it all looks and sounds very believable - and we’d expect to be getting credible information this close to the phone's launch.

Via PhoneArena

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