This 12GB of data SIM plan from Smarty costs just £4 a month...somehow

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Black Friday is still a good month away but that hasn't stopped Smarty from getting into the spirit early. Offering a massive 50% off one of its SIM only deals, Smarty currently has one of the best cheap offers around.

Right now, you can get Smarty's 12GB of data plan for only £4 a month. That's down from its original price of £8 and currently the cheapest price on the market. The next nearest plans cost at least £5 while offering at most 2GB of data.

However, this lowered pricing does only last for four months. After that it will double to £8 a month. That is still one of the cheapest prices available for 12GB of data, matched only by a few other networks.

If you're not happy with the increased price, you can simply leave after 4 months. In fact, because Smarty operates on 1-month rolling contracts, you can leave whenever you like!

SIM only deals: Smarty's excellent offer

SIM only plan from Smarty | 1 month rolling | 12GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £8 £4 a month

SIM only plan from Smarty | 1 month rolling | 12GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £8 £4 a month
Right now Smarty is offering one of the cheapest SIM plans around. Thanks to a 50% discount, you'll only pay £4 a month for 12GB of data. This price would normally only get you 1 or 2GB from most providers making it a solid bargain. However, this pricing does only last for four months with the price doubling to £8 after that. But, as this is a 1-month rolling SIM, you can simply leave after that point if you don't like the higher price.

Why choose Smarty Mobile?

It's a brand you've probably never heard of, but it's giving the big mobile retailers a run for their money - here's why.

Smarty addresses the majority of the market's demands with a great combination of low-cost SIM only plans and big data deals. You may stay for as long as you like with the 1-month rolling contracts, making this the ideal stop-over choice.

The benefits don’t end there, Smarty also lets you connect your gadgets to your phone, allowing you to use that 12GB of data on any laptop, tablet, or even the new console you bought.

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