The iPhone X continues to be Apple’s top-selling smartphone

iPhone X

The iPhone X continues to be Apple’s top-selling smartphone according to the company’s latest quarterly financial results.

In its second-quarter 2018 results, Apple reported revenue from its phone business was up by 14%, even with just a 3% increase in unit sales. Although Apple doesn’t break down how many of each of its phone models it sells, it’s clear that the company is seeing this increase in revenue by selling more expensive handsets.

CEO Tim Cook also said in a statement that “customers chose iPhone X more than any other iPhone each week in the March quarter.”

It’s further evidence that the iPhone X is in no danger of being cancelled, and that we’ll more than likely see an iPhone XI follow-up. It’s also reasonable to expect the all-screen, notch aesthetic of Apple’s flagship phone come to more affordable handsets

 Everything else

iPad sales also saw a small amount of growth, with 9.1 million devices sold, which is up 2% compared to last year. Revenue from iPads also increased by 6%, to $4.1 billion, so Apple is once again making more money from every device it sells in the tablet space.

Unsurprisingly, Mac sales slumped by 3%, with only 4.1 million Macs sold, and revenue is holding flat at a 0% change. Apple’s ‘other products,’ which include the HomePod, fell by 28% compared to last quarter, and the category also fell by 29% since the last quarter of 2017.

Still, overall Apple is doing very well, bringing in a total of $61.1 billion in revenue and $13.8 billion in profit.

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