The date December 2 is crashing a lot of iPhones and iPads, but Apple has a fix

If you've woken up on Saturday, December 2 to find your iPhone or iPad randomly crashing, you're not alone, as posts on Twitter and Reddit confirm. The problem centers on apps that use daily or repeat reminder settings, which apparently cause CPU use to spike before forcing a reset.

Not ideal if you were planning to use your phone for something like making calls or idly browsing the internet today, but the good news is that Apple has already rolled out a fix - install iOS 11.2 on your device and the issue should magically disappear.

If you're still waiting for the update to appear on your device, turning off notifications on the apps sending you reminders, or turning off notifications altogether, can fix the problem until your copy of iOS 11.2 appears. Apple hasn't said anything about the bug, but has put up a new support page on the web.

It's a buggy life

It's not a great start to December for Apple's software team, which is still reeling from the major macOS High Sierra security flaw that was revealed last month: it made it all too easy for someone else to log into your Mac machine, but the issue has apparently been patched in the most recent update of the OS.

And let's not forget that bizarre autocorrect bug that also surfaced last month, replacing the number lowercase "i" with a strange symbol. Again, that problem was dealt with via an over-the-air update, so your iOS keyboard should be working fine again.

Now Apple has had to deal with another random bug caused by reminder apps and an apparent dislike for the date December 2. At least we know Apple's software engineers are earning their money with the speed of these bug fixes, though it would be preferable if the problems wouldn't appear in the first place.

Via MacRumors

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