The big YouTube Music rollout begins: have you got access yet?

YouTube Music, the big Spotify rival that lumps millions of music tracks together with music videos, playlists and other such audio goodness, is now available in some countries. 

It’s available as a standalone service, or if you currently subscribe to Google Play Music or YouTube Red you will get it as part of your package.

For those unfamiliar with YouTube Red, it’s the premium YouTube service that is offered to some countries outside of Europe, including the US, that offers ad-free video watching, downloads and premium content. 

But don’t get too comfortable with that name, as YouTube Premium is the new moniker for YouTube Red... but it is is still called YouTube Red for now. Confused? Yep, so are we - as are some users who have taken to Twitter to ask YouTube just what is going on. 

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What you need to know

Luckily for you, we have compiled an all you need to know to help you understand just what is going on. 

When YouTube Red does eventually become YouTube Premium, current users will continue to pay what they currently do, $9.99. But new users will have to pay a few dollars extra at $11.99 a month. 

For this you get ad-free music, the ability to listen in the background and access to YouTube's growing slate of premium programming.

For now, Google Play Music and YouTube Music will sit together nicely but it feels like the new singing, all dancing YouTube Music will eventually usurp Google Play Music - but YouTube is keeping a little tight-lipped for now. 

To find out if you are eligible to early access to YouTube Music, head here.

Marc Chacksfield

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