Will YouView be a hit?

YouView - coming 2011
YouView - coming 2011

Experts from the television industry have responded to criticism of BBC-backed YouView by insisting that the public will benefit from the IPTV project, and that it will become a success in the UK.

YouView is hoping to do for television through your broadband connection what Freeview did for digital television, and bring video on demand to the masses.

However, the scheme – which started life as Project Canvas – has been heavily criticised by manufacturers and other platforms like Virgin Media and Sky.

Indeed, Sky's director of broadband Delia Bushel told TechRadar that she felt YouView would be a 'niche product' due to its likely price.

Profound effect

What Satellite editor Alex Lane believes that, although it is likely to take time to arrive in the majority of living rooms, YouView will have a profound effect on UK television.

"Sky is right in one respect: YouView isn't going to be an explosive sensation like HD, but its benefits will penetrate society through word-of-mouth and seeing it in action," Lane told TechRadar.

"Sky+ took years to catch on because the PVR is a hard concept to sell, but wonderful to own, and today's consumers are a lot more switched on than they were five years ago."


Home Cinema Choice's deputy editor, Mark Craven, agrees: "YouView won't be for everyone, even if it can persuade some Virgin Media and Sky customers to ditch their subscriptions.

"There's likely to be a greater interest amongst the technorati in integrated TV products like Google TV. But, as a mass market product, YouView could easily become as widely recognised and beloved as Freeview."

YouView is aiming to bring true video on demand to the consumer, tapping into the growing awareness of things like the BBC iPlayer and internet video work.

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