Sony: OLED is 'the next display technology'

Sony and OLED still the best of friends
Sony and OLED still the best of friends

Sony is still completely committed to producing OLED screens, according to the company.

In a statement released to TechRadar, Sony mentioned it is to "steadily cultivate" its investment into OLED as it sees it as being "the next display technology".

Sony wanted to cement its stance on OLED, after an interview with us last month muddied the waters of what the company was doing with the technology.

OLED shows the best promise

Although Sony mentioned at a recent 2009 TV line-up showcase that its focus was on "big-screen technology" like LCD, it seems that OLED is still very much part of its TV business plans.

"The OLED TV market will not surpass the LCD TV market within the next few years," the statement explained.

"Rather, we think it is necessary to steadily cultivate OLED so that we can deliver new lifestyle ideas and applications that make full use of OLED technology.

"BRAVIA LCD TVs will continue to be the core part of our TV business, while OLED shows the best promise as the next display technology. Our plans for OLED are still unchanged as of now."

Bigger OLED?

And to prove Sony is true to its word, there's been much rumour and speculation that the company is to unveil a bigger OLED screen at this year's IFA trade show in Berlin.

So far Sony is the first and only manufacturer to release an OLED TV – the 11-inch XEL-1.

The Korean Times, however, has noted that its potential successor, the XEL-2, will be above 21-inches in size. If this is true, then it will be interesting to see what sort of price point the company will go for, as the XEL-1 is retailing for a whopping £3,500.

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